About Us and Our Pack Members

Co-founders Susan Owen and Kylee Lejeune desired to offer green benefits from USDA certified organic and all natural products to their beloved canine companions Brodie, Sammie and Sophie.

After realizing that no such products were available they decided in 2008 to make the idea a reality.  Canine Earth products are made with great care and attention to ingredients at Owen Biosciences Inc., organic product division.  Our organics are USDA certified under the National Organic Program’s strict standards and display the USDA Certified Organic seal, the only guarantee of 95% and higher certified organic ingredients.

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Brodie, top dog, is an eleven year old West
hland Terrier whose bright spirit and sensitive skin inspired us to create our line of certified organic canine bath products.

Sammie, survivior, is a fifteen year old West Highland Terrier from Westie Rescue, whose soulful eyes and near death experience with the Sago Palm motivates us  to raise awareness and funds for veterinary research and consumer programs.

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