Brodie's Story

Woof!  I’m Brodie.  Welcome to my site… I like to think of myself as the mastermind behind the Canine Earth® phenomenon!  With the help of my pack, and a few close pups, I really  created a howl in the personal pet care world. 

It all started back in 2007…I noticed my mom becoming more aware and conscious of the environment.  There is so much buzz about what everyone can do to benefit themselves and the world in which we live.  I started seeing this green label pop up more and more around our place (Well, I hear it’s green. They say I’m colorblind)…in the kitchen on food, in the people bathroom, it was everywhere!  Humans say it means certified organic under the USDA National Organic Program.

Every few weeks my mom would chase me down, unsnap my collar, and place me in this big scary bowl she calls a “bath.”  I dreaded this each time, knowing that after it was all over, I’d be itchy and dry…I hear all the chemicals associated with these so called “shampoos” can do that to my skin and coat.  Then one day I had the idea if the green labeled products are good for you…why not use them on me?  My mom totally agreed and Canine Earth™ was created.  I know I’m worth it … and a doggie genius.  And now, I love my “bath!”  My skin and coat has really improved because there are no petro chemicals or artificial ingredients to harm me or the environment. 

 I would like to thank my pack and my two best canine pals, Sammie and Sophie for helping me get this out there to all of you…and remember, In Our World…Dogs Rule!™

 Woof Woof,  ................Brodie      



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